The Beginning

Okay, so the title of this post is a lie. This is not the beginning. This is several months – if not a few years – after the beginning. But this IS the official beginning of me actually documenting and putting some concerted effort into putting into action some lifestyle choices that are a result of a new found passion of mine: living life slowly.

That is a very general concept, so let me take a minute to clarify. First of all, as you have probably already guessed, this is by no means an original idea. There is a whole movement behind living a more slow and simple life going on right now, and I am a very late bloomer (as with most things in my life) and a total newbie to all of this, but I think that’s why this blog could be such a good thing. I am a totally average twenty-four-year-old girl (woman?) who wants to radically change her life in ways that are made very difficult by the way our society currently operates. There are many different areas in which I want to change, but the main ones are 1) my food habits, 2) exercise 3) overall mental health. I think those will probably shift and redesign themselves as this blog moves forward, but starting out, those are the ideas I am going to focus on.

I want to do this blog because for the last year or so, I have become more and more impassioned with local food systems and sustainable food/agriculture, and the lifestyles they encompass. And I’m very aware that these things are fads, but I want to go beyond the fad and join in with all of the other voices promoting these concepts as long-term and radical ideas that could ultimately change the way our country functions. The difference between me and many of those other voices is that I am no expert; I am starting from the beginning and trying to work my way up, learning and experimenting and feeling things out along the way. It’s great to read things that professors and journalists and food experts write about; those are excellent resources. But I think it’s also incredibly important to realize that there are many people out there who want to change their lives but haven’t quite gotten there yet. I am one of those people.  I find myself easily intimidated by those who are already so knowledgeable and experienced with things like gardening and cooking; how do they know so intuitively how to use that spice with that food? How do they know which plants grow in which seasons? It seems like they were born knowing what to do and having all of the proper information ingrained in their brains. I know that at some point they had to start from the beginning as well, but now they are past that point, and once a person has become experienced in something, it is harder to relate to newcomers. I often end up both inspired and frustrated after I read a good book or article; I am exhilarated to learn and know that there are many possibilities for change, but I also end up saying, “Okay, easy for you to say, such-and-such person who wrote such-and-such article. You have been doing this for years. What about ME?”.

I am hoping that by documenting this journey that I am on, I can be a helpful resource to anyone else attempting to make similar changes to their lives; to let them know that they are not alone, and to let them know that while it might take a lot of effort and a few struggles, it is possible to go from knowing little to knowing a lot; from having little experience to having put some time in and be getting to the point where sharing knowledge is possible. The proof of that will hopefully be in my experiences and subsequent growth.

I also hope to be a resource for many other helpful resources. I have read a few books that I’d like to recommend, as well as many articles…I’ll post all of those in a list sometime soon, but I also hope to start integrating them into daily posts as I discover them or as they relate to something I am going through at that particular time. One problem in our society is the lack of truth and transparency. There are many health guidelines out there, including our government’s, but as I have learned from much reading, those health and dietary suggestions are not necessarily actually healthy. I want to go beyond the news reports telling us that this nutrient can prevent this kind of cancer and that food can help slow down aging and address an actual lifestyle overhaul; don’t just eat this one food, but eat more actual FOOD in general (an idea from Michael Pollan). I want to do activities to be active, instead of just finding a certain workout regime. I really want to dig and learn. And I’d like to be able to share everything I learn with whoever cares to read or hear it. It’s hard to find good information, so I’d like to provide some.

I’ll leave it at that for now.



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