Couscous and beans

…and some mac and cheese. And peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini. And carrots. And grapes. And bread with olive oil.

The above may or may not be what I ate for dinner tonight.

Sometimes I find myself being the victim of watching what I eat so carefully all day long that when dinnertime comes, all I want to do is gorge. Usually it doesn’t go as far as it did tonight…but what can I say? I was hungry. Luckily, the food I was eating was all fairly healthy for me (with the possible exception of the mac and cheese); it was just the portion size that did me in. Food baby to the extreme.

As you can see, it was all fairly simple to make…which is a good thing, because the kitchen has less room than my stomach. I just boiled up some water, and while the noodles were cooking, poured some organic black beans in a pot to heat up and sautéed some red pepper, a few mushrooms, and some slices of green zucchini. Sounds innocent enough, but when you proceed to eat half the beans along with all of the vegetables and the entire box of mac and cheese, in addition to the other foods I mentioned above…it gets to be a bit much.

Moral of the story: eat more throughout the day. I’ve heard differing theories about snacking during the day vs. not snacking, but I think that if you don’t eat three giant meals a day on top of snacks in between, there is no reason one shouldn’t be able to eat an apple and some trail mix during the afternoon. That’s going to be my biggest challenge…not eating an entire bag of Goldfish as a “snack” (are you beginning to see a pattern here?).

Anyway, I’m still proud of the food I made, because I also FINALLY made couscous, which I have been planning on doing for literally two months now. It’s ridiculous how long it’s taken me to just do it, because it ended up taking less than ten minutes of my time, and now I have lunch for work for the rest of the week. I’m already an instant couscous champ. And since I still have half those beans left, all that’s left to do is throw some veggies in tomorrow morning, and I’m ready to go. I’ve heard whole wheat couscous (or whole wheat anything, for that matter) is the way to go, so that’s what I bought…and organic, at that. The taste test is yet to happen…I’ll let you know what I discover. And speaking of whole wheat, I read an interesting article last night on Marion Nestle’s blog about whole wheat in processed foods like breads…beware the labels. Today’s post on her blog is about food labels too…it’s a pretty interesting read. The things no one tells us…

One more thing before I go: I biked to work today! This may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but the only other time I’ve biked to work was a few months ago during one of the hottest days in the summer (and those of you in Minnesota know how hot this summer got), which was a HUGE mistake, because I ended up soaking wet with sweat in the locker room of the parking garage of my office building. I had no choice but to stand around in the bathroom stall, letting myself drip dry…and that was in the morning. The ride home was even worse. Needless to say, it was hard to get myself motivated enough to give it another try…but one of my coworkers has been biking to work since the snow melted, and she convinced me to give it another chance. So I did, and I can proudly say that I arrived at work almost completely sweat-free, albeit a bit late because I misjudged how long it would take. I’m lucky, because the route I can take to work involves almost no busy roads; I cruise down a residential street for awhile, hop on the Greenway, and then that dumps me onto Nicollet Mall, where my office is, which is only buses, taxis, and bikes. If I had to use busier streets without bike lanes (or even with lanes, in some cases – I have seen many a biker almost taken out even if they’re staying in their own lane), I would probably be a bit more hesitant to use that method of transportation for my morning commute. I also noticed that I am a super nerdy bike girl – apparently nothing says dork in the urban biking world more than capri sweatpants, tennis shoes, my running watch, and a giant blue helmet – but I’m not trying to make a fashion statement. Maybe I’ll try wearing jeans and sunglasses and foregoing the helmet (don’t tell my mom) during the weekend sometime, but for now I’m just trying to figure out a way to be more active, since I seem to be in an exercising rut right now. But more about that another time. I’ve already rambled too much for one night.



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