Mac & Cheese

Hi, it’s me again. Just wanted to pop in on here with a quick note about how much I adore me some mac and cheese. Most days, I find it difficult to cook up a substantial meal that involves many specific ingredients (not to mention cooking utensils and pots and pans that I definitely do not own yet), but mac and cheese never fails to step in and save the day.

I have been an avid cheesy mac lover since I was a kid, but once I started college I took it to a whole new level. As in…mac and cheese became the majority of my diet. Heck, it’s easy to make, tasty, and it fills the belly right up…especially when you eat the entire box yourself. I’m not ashamed (okay, maybe a little) to admit that’s usually what ended up happening. But let’s not focus on the little details, right? The point is this: mac and cheese is AWESOME.

I still eat mac and cheese like a madwoman, but my tastes have changed a bit, and as I have grown, I have tried to make my cheesy noodle habit a little more grown up as well. And by this, I mean I now add vegetables to my mac and cheese most of the time, and sometimes, SOMETIMES, I don’t eat the whole box in one sitting. Also, whereas Kraft used to be my go-to cheesy choice, Annie’s has now won over my heart. Annie’s has a great selection of largely organic options, as well as whole wheat pasta and real cheese powder (or at least as real as cheese powder can be). I’m not saying you should eat it four or five nights a week like I do, but it’s easy to make and while, yes, it is more expensive, I at least feel better about putting less toxic stuff in my body. It’s a lesser of two evils situation. And let me tell you, some whole wheat shells with real white cheddar cheese mixed with chopped red peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms and accompanied by a great glass of red wine actually makes for a pretty classy meal. Or, at the very least, it looks pretty and puts veggies in your tummy.

Also, I ran out of all food about a week ago and only remembered that fact once I got home from work after staying late and not eating lunch, so I gave in and ran over to the gas station half a block away from my apartment and grabbed a box of Kraft instead. I came home, boiled it up, dumped milk, butter, and the cheese powder in…and instantly thought to myself, “Why do I smell dog food?”. Seriously. It smelled horrible. So just give Annie’s a try. Once you do, you’ll never go back. Ugh, I love mac and cheese.

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