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Bucket List

I recently joined this web site called MeYou Health, which issues a Daily Challenge to motivate its users to be healthier mentally, physically, and emotionally. The challenges involve a whole range of activities. After I joined yesterday, my first challenge was to do ten bicep curls with each arm. Today, my challenge is to share five things that are on my bucket list. My bucket list happens to be ridiculously long, so I decided to close my eyes and point at the list (yes, there is a physical list) and choose five things randomly that way. Here’s what I ended up choosing:

  1. Write a children’s book [side note: weirdest thing about this one is that this was an example of something that could be on your Bucket List in the Daily Challenge email – I guess it’s too predictable, but it’s been one of my dreams since I was a child myself, so I’m okay with that]
  2. Go to Patagonia
  3. Live in (at least one) different state for an extended period of time – school doesn’t count [going to be crossing this one off soon!]
  4. Learn Norwegian
  5. Learn how to make cheese

Doing this made me realize that I haven’t been updating my Bucket List as much lately. ¬†Gotta get on that.




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